DA 12 Volt High Current Digital Flow Controller

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12 volt high current flow digital controller suitable for use with water pumps ranging from 15 to 30 amps.

Keeping with the ethos of providing quality but straightforward easy to use controllers this controller features fixing lugs for easy installation without having to take the enclosure apart. It has simple on/off buttons on the front and a potentiometer on the side to control the flow up and down. No calibration required.

This controller also has a built in battery volt meter so you can check the voltage of your battery at any time just by pressing the V button on the front of the controller.

There is also a safety device so if your battery falls below 10.5 volts the controller display will start to flash “bat” “stp” and the pump will be disabled to protect the battery. It is possible to override the low battery cut off although we would only advise this in situations where you need to complete a job, as soon as possible the battery cut off feature should be switched back on.

Full colour instructions and wiring diagram supplied. It is important to fit an inline fuse and make sure all connections are clean and dry.

Please click on the link for a short demonstration video


Fitting instructions

Customer must fit a 20 or 30 AMP inline fuse (also available from DA Components)

It is advisable not to install the controller in close proximity to reels or hoses where water could leak onto the enclosure.

This controller is not recommended for use with the EF7000 Everflo chemical pump.


Supply Voltage – 11-14 VDC

Maximum Current 30A

Typical Drive Current 15-20A

Voltmeter Accuracy +/- 100mV

Enclosure Material ABS

Water Resistance IP65

Dimensions 171 x 120 x 55 mm

Working Temperature 0-40 Deg C

24 month warranty (if fitted correctly with a fuse)


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