With so many awesome window cleaning innovations out there, we understand that it can sometimes be quite difficult to understand the features and benefits of all the products in our toolkits. However, help is at hand as our director, Darren, has pulled together a list of our top five FAQs to help you become a window cleaning guru.

 Does Bronze Wool scratch glass?

The simple answer is no, fine grade Bronze Wool will not scratch true glass. You do however need to be careful about getting grit between the wool and glass as that can cause a scratch, which is why we don’t advise using bronze wool on builders cleans.

Our top tip is to always use Bronze Wool when it’s wet and rinse it thoroughly - it is always best to have a quick check of the pad beforehand to make sure it is clean and ready to use.

Does the DA Applicator fit a Gardiner pole?

Yes, it is possible to fit threaded tools to a Gardiner pole with the quick lock system. Gardiner supply a brush adapter, which you can fit on to the end of the angle adapter, and this changes it from a square quick lock to a threaded end and allows you to use threaded tools with your pole.

Click here to watch our demo video of this product in use.

Which jobs should I use the Tucker Boars Hair Brush for?

The Tucker full Boars Hair Brush offers superior scrubbing power and with four pencil jets, it provides plenty of water for rinsing too.

I use it on first cleans and solar panels. I find it isn’t necessary for regular window cleaning as the windows aren’t dirty enough to warrant it, but it’s great for on one-off cleans and larger commercial jobs.

What can I use for Solar Panel Cleaning?

A lot of this comes down to personal preference and I have tried many different things. If it is a damp day, that is when I try and get my solar panel cleaning done as I find the moisture in the air seems to soften up the dirt. I try and avoid cleaning solar panels on a sunny day, but if you do, don’t forget your sunglasses because you will definitely need them!

I have had success with all of the following:

  • The Tucker Full Boars Hair Brush with a Bronze Wool Pad holder on the other side of the pole
  • The Tucker Alpha Scrubber with the adjustable swivel angle adapter - This helps me to reach the far ends of the panels without having to move too often. Also the over rinse bar provides plenty of water and the white pads last well on this kind of work, however, walnut pads can also be used.
  • The Mini Bronze Wool Pad Holder - I use this if there is some particularly stubborn lichen. The reason for this is as the Mini Bronze Wool Pad Holder is smaller so I find I can apply more pressure to help scrub the dirt off.
  • Glass Cleaning Scrub Pads on the standard Bronze Wool Pad Holder - This is a set of scrub pads with various different materials and grades. Click here to watch a demo of this product.

 What is the Handy Sleeve for?

This is still our absolute favourite for gutter cleaning! The Velcro is super strong and will hold onto whatever cleaning pad or cloth you prefer to use. We attach a Walnut or White Pad with a bit of the Pink Stuff to get any stubborn marks the brush missed. We then attach a Python or Scotsman Microfibre Sleeve and use it to dry off the guttering - you can also use a microfibre cloth.

If the soffits have vents which tend to hold onto a lot of dirty water, I let them drip dry while I have a cuppa and then go back to them to finish the drying process with the handy sleeve.  I like this little bit of extra attention to detail, and it is a great final result for the customer.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. If you do have any questions you’d like the answers to don’t hesitate to send us a message.