White Light Duty Pad 15 x 22 cms Pack of 3

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This extra soft, light duty pad is made from recycled polyester fibres in a dense textured, non woven pattern.  This is a quality, robust cleaning pad which can be used on every day maintenance cleans.  It is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as leaded windows, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, ceramic tiles, porcelain sinks etc, china, and other fixtures.

Directions for use - use with water or a mild detergent to clean most delicate surfaces, to prolong the life of this product it should be rinsed thoroughly after use.  For self cleaning glass a test patch should be carried out first.

Size is 15 cms x 9 cms (9 inch x 6 inches) and comes in a pack of 3

Thickness of each pad is 8 mm / 0.32 inches

When using on a new job or surface for the first time, it is advisable to always carry out a small patch test on a corner first.

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