Unihandle Squeegee

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Unihandle Squeegee

The innovative ergonomic Unihandle is the all-in-one traditional window cleaning tool. It allows you to quickly mop and squeegee windows without changing tools by combining a microfibre pad and squeegee in one.  What we really like about this squeegee is the unique swivel system.

The swivel system works in 2D with a smooth rotating movement (+/-150° or +/-180°), while also allowing you to choose 7 different angles to reach even the most difficult spots.

The Unihandle comes with an Allen key to allow you to adjust the tension on the swivel system. 

Compatible with the majority of squeegee channels, the Unihandle can also be fitted onto most telescopic poles.

It is also possible to remove the squeegee channel and replace with one of your favourites.  For example, our MD, Darren has one set up to use the Steccone 12 inch channel to get a super light squeegee and unique swivel system.

Key features & benefits

•Unique design to wash and wipe without changing tools.
•Innovative adjustable swivel system for any cleaning angle.
•Free rotation (up to +/- 180°) or limited (up to +/- 150°).
•Rotation locking 5 different positions (0°; +/- 45°; +/- 90°).
•Extra-wide adaptable angle (-20°;-5°; 10°; 25°; 40°; 55°; 70°).
•Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort.
•Compatible with all channels and poles.

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