Tucker ® Dual Trim Hybrid with x2 Pencil Jets – Standard Size

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The Tucker dual trim, hybrid water fed brush is a great choice for solar panel and window cleaning. This hybrid, dual trim brush has bristles that are longer on the outer edge of the brush, allowing the operator to splay the bristles into corners and sides of the glass. The shorter, inner bristles remain upright and allow the tip of the bristle fiber to continue scrubbing directly on the surface of the glass.  This brush comes with 2 individually plumbed pencil jets, which help direct a high-pressure stream of water that assists the brush operator by blasting away stubborn dirt.


  • Dual Trim 

  • Nylon and Boar Bristle Material

  • Pictured with the LOCT Socket but the brush from DA Components comes with a Euro thread socket to allow you to fit the brush to most standard UK and European angle adapters

  • Lightweight

  • 2 Pencil Jets 

  • Jets Plumbed separately

The brush is standard size - 26 cms/10 inches, weight is 295 grams

Please click on the link below to view a short video of the brush in use:-


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