Scrub Pad Bundle

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Scrub Pad Bundle

Suitable for use with the DA Pad Holder, Technopad or Handy Sleeve, the scrub pad bundle includes: -

X1 Walnut Pad

This pad provides extra scrubbing/cleaning power for virtually any surface but is scratch resistant so safe to use on surfaces where scratching is a concern.  The walnut pad is tough and durable and suitable for glass, UPVC, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, copper, painted surfaces and more.

X1 Light Duty White Pad

This is a robust cleaning pad which can be used on every day maintenance cleans.  It is ideal for cleaning surfaces such as glass, UPVC, stainless steel, chrome, plastic, ceramic tiles, porcelain sinks etc, china, and other fixtures.

X1 Light duty green scrub pad

Similar to the light duty white pad, a good all-rounder for everyday cleaning.

X1 Heavy duty green scrub pad

For the most stubborn dirt such as baked on bird droppings, lichen on solar panels and glass conservatory roofs.  Not suitable for use on UPVC.

General information

All pads are 22 x 15 cms ( 6” x 9”) and suitable for use on glass.  Care should be taken if using on UPVC and use with sufficient water A test patch should always be carried out first on a small unnoticeable area when using any new scrub pad for the first time.


We recommend after every use the pad is inspected to remove any dirt or grit so it is ready for the next job.

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