Scotsman Mop Washer

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Scotsman (to use with the Maykker HandySleeve)

The Maykker Scotsman is a replacement mop washer designed to wrap securely around the HandySleeve mounting system.   

It is constructed from the highest quality microfiber for maximum absorption and water retention.  In addition, because there are no ends on the mop covers, they will never fray, which can happen with traditional style mops. Instead, the ends can be utilised the replaceable Easy-Scrubs available in white, blue or bronze wool pads. 

The ends of this mop system help keep water off the frames thereby minimising the need for detailing. The Scotsman incorporates a larger microfiber fiber tweed per square inch, giving it a more aggressive, dense feel, which is sometimes desired for heavy duty cleaning.   

The Scotsman is machine washable.  Recommend cold water and air-dry. 

The mop covers can be stored by way of rolling and or folding, giving you greater storage options. 

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