Maykker Python Microfiber Washer Sleeve

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Python washer sleeve to use with the Maykker Handy Sleeve

Choose from sizes: -

  • 14 inches/35 cms
  • 6 inches/15 cms

Introducing the Maykker Python

This mop cover system will greatly improve the way you clean windows and UPVC.  The Python wraps tightly and securely around the Handy Sleeve allowing for superior, targeted scrubbing and drying action.  Unlike other mop covers which constantly flop and move around, the Python stays tight.  You'll notice a difference right away when you start using them.  The high quality microfiber in the Python has great saturation for holding plenty of water.  It is machine washable and can be air dried.  It is also easy to store as you can fold or roll the sleeves.

Please click on the link for a short video demo:-

Maykker Python Washer Sleeve

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