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Glideiator is the professional window cleaning soap that not only smells wonderful – but also sounds wonderful.

You read that right – one of the many wonderful aspects about Glideiator’s fabulous formula is that if it is used correctly, it causes no drag on the glass.

That means you can kiss goodbye to that annoying squeaky sound that grates when giving your glass a good clean.

However, you can say hello to sparkling windows that also have a delightful scent.

Created in collaboration with Denmark’s most talented performer, ZARKO P, the Glideitor has a unique fragrance that is also allergen free meaning no nasty reactions or irritation.

Instead, Glideiator’s formula breaks down impurities and creates excellent glide on the glass. Just apply between four and six drops directly onto your applicator and commence your clean – you will be blown away by the shine.

This is also a great product for both UPVC and gutter cleaning, and just two capfuls mixed - with a backpack full of water – are enough to do wonders while cleaning those hard-to-reach and grubby spots.

We tried this product with the DA Applicator, for UPVC and gutter cleaning, and the results were superb – while if you are working on a first clean (or have some dirt that’s really caked on) try it with either the Technopad or a Walnut pad as not only does it get the job done, it leaves a superb shine.

For a full video demonstration, please click here.

Size – 600ml

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