Edge™ Hybrid Dupont™ outer and boar hair inner 35cm/14 inch

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Edge™ 35cm Hybrid, this brush blends the scrubbing power of natural boar hair and DuPont filament. Outer rows are Genuine DuPont® filament and the inner are the best commercially available 100% Natural bristle boar hair, the best of both worlds! Duel trim configuration, Integrated non-mark bumper with Innovative V 2 jets.

Key Features:

  • Genuine DuPont® filament outer rows.
  • 100% Natural boar hair inner, best commercially available.
  • Aggressive scrubbing.
  • Innovative integrated V 2 Jets with fittings.
  • Multiple jet configurations.
  • Lightweight.
  • Over-moulded non-mark rubber bumper.
  • Two 12mm holes for extra jet options.
  • Specially designed wear corners.

Disclaimer: Boar's hair is a natural bristle and can’t be rigorously controlled like our other high-quality synthetic bristles. By its very nature, its aggressive properties will make the bristle degrade faster and will fatigue and you may notice some of the bristles shedding from the  brush. Boar may, over a short space of time, curl, and tangle together.  This is not a manufacturing defect. This is the nature of natural boar's hair.

Weight: 257g(Dry brush only)

Water Temperature: up to 30°C

The Brush Includes: One socket (of customer choice), an integrated pair of V2 jets with fitting, and integrated bumper, PU tube, and a tube T connector.

Free Socket Option: 

  • Lockable swivel socket euro & Unger thread (EDGE-SS)
  • Lockable Swivel socket with angle adapter (EDGE-SAA)
  • Fixed angle adapter (EDGE-FAA)
  • Lockable Vertical Swivel socket angle adapter (EDGE-SVAA)
  • 90° Euro fixed brush socket (EDGE-EURO-90)
  • No socket.

Jet Extra Option:

  • Four Integrated pair V2 Jets (Default & included)
  • Pair V2 Jets (EDGE-V-JET-2)
  • Two Pairs V2 Jets (EDGE-V-JET-2)
  • Pair V4 Jets (EDGE-V-JET-4)
  • Two Pairs V4 Jets (EDGE-V-JET-4)
  • Pair 1.25mm Pencil Jets for low water usage (EDGE-PENJET)
  • Two Pairs 1.25mm Pencil Jets for low water usage (EDGE-PENJET)
  • Pair Fan Jets (EDGE-FANJET2)
  • Two Pair Fan Jets (EDGE-FANJET2)
  • Pair Over top Fan Jets (EDGE-FANJET)
  • Two Pair Over top Fan Jets (EDGE-FANJET)


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