DA Multi Tool/Stainless Steel Pad Holder

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The DA Multi Tool/Pad holder has become a staple industry product, a real must-have in every window cleaner’s tool kit.  This version comes with a stainless steel scrub pad.  The stainless steel pad has all the advantages of traditional bronze wool and just like bronze wool, because it is stainless steel, it won't rust.  Particularly good at removing lichen on solar panels and conservatory roofs.

Combined with the Tucker Alpha Scrubber, this is our go to set up when maximum scrubbing power is required to tackle a conservatory roof or solar panels which haven't been cleaned for a long time.  To view a short demo, please click on the link below.

Removing Lichen

The pad holder comes with heavy duty velcro already fitted, the pad is secured to the holder with the velcro and socks on each end of the pad.

The kit comprises of:-

  • DA Multi Tool with European (not ACME thread) and Stainless Steel 50mm bolt to fit in standard angle adapter
  • Socket with European thread
  • x1 stainless steel pad already fitted to the pad holder.

Pad dimensions 215 x 60 mm

Total weight when dry approx 163 grams

Fitting Instructions

The DA pad holder is already assembled and ready to use.

The DA Multi tool is packed separately. We recommend you fit this inside the adapter on the water fed pole first. Please use the 50mm bolt supplied.

The pad holder can then be threaded onto the DA Multi tool and is ready to use.

IMPORTANT: Do not over tighten. To release – push down and turn anticlockwise.

Not compatible with Reach-It and Ova8 poles.

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