At DA Components we’re always looking for ways to conserve water.  Not only for environmental reasons but because it is a pain to run out of pure water during the day and take many trips to the van to fill up backpacks/trolleys.

In this blog we explore three different methods for stopping the flow of water without returning to the van to switch off your pump or controller.


As we have previously mentioned, the Uni-valve from Exceed Innovations is without a doubt one of the best products to use with pure water and a water-fed pole.

This ingenious little invention fits in the first section of the pole and, once fitted, you can pull the hose once to turn the water on and pull once again to turn the water off – it really is that easy.

One Shot Remote

The One Shot Remote is used to manage pump controllers. The receiver is fitted in your van (or on your trolley) and wired into your existing pump and controller.

Once fitted you can set your controller to the desired flow rate, and use the fob to turn the water flow on or off.

Stopping the pump also reduces the current drawn from the battery unlike just kinking the hose for instance. This is an extremely useful product to help save water as it enables you to stop the flow whilst moving between windows.

It’s also a great option if you are working from a cherry picker or tower, as the receiver has a range of approximately 60-metres (line of sight).

Another advantage of the One Shot Remote is that it’s a good option if you are using soft-wash chemicals. I try to avoid using the Uni-valve when soft washing as it is recommended for use with pure water only - this is because soft-wash chemicals can damage the mechanism.

Stop tap

Another option is to fit an inline push fit connector with a stop tap on, Darren can be seen using one in this video.

Normally these are seen fitted at the top of the pole near the brush where the three-way connector is. It is really handy when the pole is down, but I personally prefer to have an option that allows me to stop the flow of water whilst the pole is fully extended. That way I can move between windows without retracting the pole.

Are you conscious of saving water? What methods do you use to do this? Let us know by dropping us a message.