The Bronze Wool Pad Holder was developed by our company director, Darren Ansbro, who recognised the challenges the trade faced and was determined to find a simple, but clever solution.

Since then, the ingenious equipment has become a staple industry product, a real must-have in every window cleaner’s tool kit.

Five years ago, I created the Bronze Wool Pad Holder because there was nothing like it available for water-fed poles. Like many others in our industry, I was facing the recurring problem of bird droppings on windows and green algae on conservatories, and I thought to myself, “There must be a better way to remove these stains, than soaking the window and having to come back to finish the job later.” A friend of mine even used to use the side of the brush as a kind of scraper - that simply was not an option for me.

I had been given a piece of Bronze Wool and seen a couple of YouTube videos about how good it was for window cleaning, but there was still no way to use it on the water-fed pole. I had my guttering and facias replaced around this time, so I got a piece of the old facia board and cut out a small thin strip, created four holes in the Bronze Wool and used a couple of cable ties to keep it in place – it looked awful and it was so heavy, but it did the job!

Over time, I developed and enhanced the design to a point where I was happy with the product. I quickly realised that there must be a need for a tool like this, as there wasn’t anything quite like it in the current market. It was at that moment I decided to launch the DA Bronze Wool Pad Holder to the public. I had modest expectations and I was not at all prepared for the overwhelming demand I received.

As more and more orders started flowing in, I was delighted to see positive reviews, pictures and videos of other window cleaners using the Bronze Wool Pad Holder. As the product became increasingly popular, I quickly had to learn about managing stocks of the various component parts and streamlining the way they were made.

After a short amount of time we started to receive international enquiries too. It still amazes me when I see the Bronze Wool Pad Holders being used all over the world - I love seeing all the different combinations window cleaners come up with to make these tools work for them.

In 2019, due to so many requests, we released the mini version of the Bronze Wool Pad Holder, and it soon became as popular as the original.

Over recent years we’ve seen other retailers in the industry take the design and add elements, such as sockets specific to their pole system to create options for all eventualities.

Other manufacturers have come up with their own ways to combat the daily struggle against stubborn dirt on glass and we are big fans of the following:

  • Mayyker’s Handy Sleeve and Mop Washer range
  • Tucker’s Alpha Scrubber and Full Boars Hair Brush
  • Reach-iT’s selection of scrub pads

We are pleased there is now so much choice out there for window cleaners - there is a vast array of different scrub pads and methods that can be used. I am sure these products will continue to evolve and the great innovators in our industry will carry on looking for ways to make our jobs easier and, most importantly, save time and water.

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Happy window cleaning everyone!