With our train and hotel tickets booked, last month we headed down to the big smoke to check out the Cleaning Show 2021 event.

We don’t exhibit at this one, so it is a nice opportunity for us to have a leisurely walk round looking at all the latest products and high-tech equipment from the cleaning industry.

It was also nice to watch the Window Cleaning Company and Employee of the Year awards, which were handed out by the Federation of Window Cleaners. For the full results, click here.

Of course, our main reason for visiting was to participate in the Window Cleaning World Cup, also hosted by the Federation of Window Cleaners, which featured Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, the fastest window cleaner in the world and current record holder. To compete, I took the super light 12 inch Steccone aluminium squeegee with Black Diamond rubber as I knew it would help to shave off a few seconds - Steccone "Feather-weight" 12 inch/30 cm Aluminum Squeegee (da-components.com).

Also in the competition was Ashley Mackintosh, whose squeegee of choice was the limited edition Unger Ultimate with a carbon fibre handle, stainless steel channel and green Unger rubber.

Terry was difficult to beat and came out the winner on the day with a time of 14.37. I came second with a time of 16.16 due to leaving a large amount of soap on the second window and Ashley Mackintosh came third with a time of 17.16. Click here to see a short video of my attempt Window Cleaning World Cup 2021 - YouTube

I am getting faster though, last time I was third, this time second, next time I will be the winner!

For a full run down of the largest cleaning event and World Cup competition, check out: www.thecleanzine.com/pages/20356/the_cleaning_show_celebrates_work_of_cleaning_hygiene_operatives_with_a_triumphant_return_to_london/.