We love an opportunity to catch up with some likeminded people and see all the latest and greatest tools of our trade. Two of the UK events which are great for this are The Cleaning Show and The Cleaning Expo.

The Cleaning Show is held every two years at the Excel in London. We don’t exhibit at this one, so it is nice to be able to have a wander round and see what is going on in the whole of the cleaning industry. This year it is scheduled to run from November 2nd to 4th – visit https://cleaningshow.co.uk/london for more information.

Of course, I always have a go at the Window Cleaning Competition; I am yet to beat the world record held by Terry “Turbo” Burrows of 9.14 seconds, but who knows, one day… Have a look at one of the past competitions here.

Another of the key events in the window-cleaning world is The Cleaning Expo, which this year is being held on September 25th at NAEC Stoneleigh Park, in Warwickshire.

The first year I attended it was all a bit last-minute as I wasn’t originally planning to have a stand, but I borrowed a camping table, got a couple of very basic banners made and set up a small gazebo next to the food van. I was super nervous, especially when I saw all the big flash stands in the main marquee. I soon got into it though and ever since then the expo has become a regular event on our calendar. This will be our sixth year exhibiting at this show.

The second year I attended, the event moved to a new venue and was held in a large marquee at a holiday park. I was looking forward to meeting all the people I had been speaking with in the Facebook groups throughout the year. I got a bit carried away enjoying way too many beers the night before the show. To this day I have no idea how I managed to get up and pull myself round in time but somehow, I made it through.

After that, the show moved to a larger venue, and although I was by then under strict orders not to indulge in too many alcoholic beverages, I still managed to try and put myself out of action. The day before we were due to travel to the show, I bust my ankle. Mrs A had to be top van driver that weekend as I could barely walk, never mind drive.

That year, we had also decided to build a demo area for the DA Applicators, so I spent most of my time hobbling between that and the main display area, ouch!  A camping chair for regular breaks and several doses of painkillers got me though that time.

So, after missing out last year due to Covid, hopefully this year will be free from drama. If you have no plans for 25th September, come along and catch up with us, we can usually be found next to our old buddy Dave Kemp at Vision who always pinches our carrier bags!

We will have all our top selling products plus a selection from the popular Maykker https://www.da-components.com/maykker-products.html and Tucker https://www.da-components.com/tucker-products.html ranges.

Hope to see you there!