In our latest blog, Darren answers a question about pumps which he is asked a lot and details his set up and top tips.

I often get asked which pump connectors are the best and like most things, it comes down to personal preference and budget.

At DA Components, we supply pumps with female 3/8” NPT ports.

The pumps are supplied with the inlet and outlet connectors included to connect to the tank and hose reel. I chose this set up as it has the following benefits:

  • The pump comes with all the connectors you need
  • If one of the connectors were to break and you don’t have a spare wingnut, you can easily nip to your local DIY shop and get a Hozelock connector with a threaded tap connector and garden tap reducer and this will also work fine. You don’t need to search and order online or wait for delivery, you can be working again the same day.

See our video guide here.

Connector kits

We also supply 3/8” NPT connector kits, straight or elbows.

These are handy to have in your spares kit, as most window cleaning pumps have 3/8” NPT ports. The connector kit has everything you need to get your pump up and running.

Top tips

Another area where hose connections are important is on the reel, because when the connector gets removed frequently, it becomes worn.

I recently came across a situation where no water was going through the reel, and this was due to a tired old hose connector; a quick and simple change for a new one resolved the problem straight away.

You will be able to tell if the connector is worn, because when you switch the system on and it builds up pressure, you will see the connector move out slightly and no water comes out the hose. However,  if you hold the connector and push it in towards the reel and the water starts to flow, you will know it is time to replace it.

See our video guide here.

When replacing the connectors, I always recommend using plastic or brass connectors on both sides, but not a mixture of both.

A lot of vans now have fixed reels or electric reels and these have brass heavy duty swivel connectors. This allows for more moveability, and they don’t become worn as easily, so if you are looking to upgrade your system this is a good option.