I recently installed a window cleaning system in a new van for a customer. The system needed to be reliable and easy to use so for my controller, I opted for the ABC 2 controller - a robust piece of kit, housed in a sturdy enclosure.

It is compatible with the Aquatec pumps, is fully digital and has some nice features for a budget range controller, such as manual calibration, dead end detection and pressure switch activation.  The ABC 2 also has a battery voltage display to warn when the battery needs to be charged.  When the battery falls to 10.4 volts the controller will shut the system down to save the battery and pump.

I mounted the ABC 2 controller, Aquatec pumps and strainers onto our pump control panel boards. These were attached to the panelling in the van with rivet nuts and bolts. The power cable from the controller was fed across to the battery and is protected with 10mm black plastic trunking as shown in the main picture.

To make charging the battery a bit easier, I installed waterproof two-way Superseal quick release connectors. This means when the battery needs to be taken out to be charged, the customer can easily unclip the Superseal connector and lift the battery out. When putting the battery back in, the Superseal connectors only connect one way, so it is impossible to get them the wrong way round. You can see the Superseal connectors in the above photo.

On the battery itself I fitted battery terminals as this helps to get the proper connection to the system - no temporary or rusty crocodile clips here! I tightened them with a ring spanner to ensure there was a good connection.

On the wiring from the battery to the controller I fitted heat shrink wrap over the cable as this helps to stop moisture getting into the connections and causing corrosion. In the picture of the battery, you can see I used blue heat shrink wrap on the negative and red on the positive. As you know, many controller and pump issues are caused by poor connections as they move and corrode over time.  I also installed an inline fuse holder, which should be fitted as closely to the battery as possible.

When I tested the new set-up there were no leaks to troubleshoot and I was very happy with the outcome!

A couple of days following the installation I received a call to advise there was insufficient flow of water to the brush. This was a simple fix: all that was needed was manual calibration on the controller. Once the customer had set the desired flow rate, he was back in business again.  If you need more information on how to calibrate your ABC 2 controller, please have a look at this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMEbpuOwM7I