The bronze wool pad holder comes with the DA Multi Tool and a longer bolt, this fits inside the angle adapter on your water fed pole.  Simply take the angle adapter apart and using the longer bolt provided fit the multi tool inside the angle adapter. To see a video of how to fit the multi tool, please click on the following link:- // Once the Multi Tool is fitted to the angle adapter, you can then attach the Bronze Wool Pad holder, or any other tool with a European thread.  I tend to keep the Bronze Wool Pad in my pouches and use it as and when required rather than have it attached to the end of the pole all day. One of the main benefits of using Bronze Wool is it reduces the time taken to remove stubborn marks such as bird muck.  It is also great for cleaning UPVC, fascias, gutters, cladding and ideal for removal of green algae and lichen from conservatory roofs. Bronze Wool pads are easy to maintain and can easily be cleaned by rinsing with soapy water after each job.  They won’t scratch the glass as the Bronze Wool for window cleaning is 0000 fine grade and non abrasive.  It polishes the glass whilst providing an extra bit of cleaning power.  Bronze Wool pads won’t fray or shred and unlike steel wool the Bronze Wool won’t rust and is therefore perfect for use with water. Hope this helps, Darren