September rolls around and that means it is time for another Cleaning Expo.

Last year, the big news surrounding the event was the petrol crisis which threatened to prevent some customers and suppliers from attending. This year was surrounded by an altogether much larger and historical event, the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

We love a road trip, so early Friday morning, we loaded up the van with everyone’s favourite DA Components products and set off for Stoneleigh. We arrived late afternoon and met up with Dave Kemp from Jigsaw Innovation and began setting up our stand for the following day. Then as per usual, it was off to the bar to catch up with everyone.

We were up early on Saturday morning; the hotel fire alarms always seem to go off at 6am every year without fail - no idea why, maybe someone burned the toast. The show opened at 10am and although not quite as busy as last year, it remained steadily busy throughout the day. Darren’s awesome DA trainers made another appearance and we even managed to get a couple of cuppas in this time, so no one lost their voice!

The most popular products by far this year included the Tucker Alpha Scrubber. The scrubber is great for conservatory roofs, UPVC cleaning and maintenance cleaning of solar panels. The scrub pads and over-rinse bar provide the perfect combination of extra scrubbing power with plenty of rinsing.

These sold out quickly and if you missed out, we have more stock due in next month, please send us a message and we will add you to the pre-order list.

Other favourites were:

The mini Walnut Pad Holder, which has long been a staple product in many window cleaners tool kits and continues to be as popular as when it was first released. This handy little tool is quick and easy to use and provides extra scrubbing power for daily window cleaning.

The DA Applicators are still a fantastic way to pre-treat surfaces. With a choice of fan jet or full cone nozzles, there is an option suitable for UPVC cleaning or soft washing.

The Replacement Chemical Pumps for Backpacks with Viton seals were close to selling out! These are suitable for most window cleaning backpacks, and the flow direction is compatible with Gardiner and BigBoy backpacks. If you use chemicals, extend the life of your backpack by replacing the standard pump with this chemical pump.

Overall, it was a great event and, as always, it is wonderful to meet our customers in person.

Now this year’s event is over and done with, it’s time for a little break, before we start planning for next year’s show.