After months of wondering if the Cleaning Expo would go ahead or not, the day finally arrived to pack up the van and head down to Stoneleigh with our road trip snacks.

After what seemed like hours of traffic jams, we arrived mid-afternoon to find Dave Kemp from Vision had already marked out our stand for us with an abundance of exhibition tables - a far cry from the tiny camping table we had at our very first show.

After getting everything ready, we headed to the bar but got distracted by a classic car auction in the neighbouring hall. We spent quite some time imagining what we could bid on, with my personal favourite being the Ford Sierra Cosworth or the grey Mustang which featured in the film John Wick - I later discovered it sold for £66,600! Once we came back down to earth, we visited the bar for a well-earned rest. Much frivolity followed but we were well behaved and managed to avoid the Jager bombs by escaping for a sensible early night.

But we were abruptly awoken at 6am by the fire alarm. At the point of deciding it must be genuine and not a false alarm, it suddenly stopped. We later found out Mike from Nutech Paints thought he was responsible for this calamity as he flicked a switch in his room at the exact moment the alarm started. It turns out the switch was only for the towel radiator but nevertheless a shock for all.

After indulging in a big breakfast, I put on my DA branded trainers and headed over to the exhibition hall to get started. We did wonder how busy the show was going to be, due to the pandemic but also because of the fuel crisis which kicked off that very weekend. There was no need to worry though as there were an extra 500 visitors than the previous year. It was so busy that I didn’t get my first cuppa until 2pm and I almost lost my voice.

It was fantastic to catch up with everyone, we had a great time. Massive thanks to Daniel from Teleskopic, who did an amazing job helping us out all day.

Next stop, London for The Cleaning Show in November where we’ll hopefully catch up with the Jedi of window cleaning, Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows and take part in the Window Cleaning World Cup.