For those Window Cleaners who haven’t yet discovered the benefits of using Bronze Wool, here are 7 reasons why you should give it a try:-

  • One of the most common questions asked is, “but won’t it scratch the glass?”  The simple answer is, “No”.  This is because the Bronze Wool for window cleaning is 0000 fine grade and non abrasive.  It polishes the glass whilst providing an extra bit of cleaning power and is perfect for removing bird muck, hard water stains and other stubborn marks.
  • Bronze Wool pads won’t fray or shred and unlike steel wool the Bronze Wool won’t rust, it is therefore perfect for use with water.
  • Bronze Wool is also great for cleaning UPVC, fascias, gutters and cladding.  It is just the thing for removal of green algae and lichen from conservatory roofs.
  • Due to its extra cleaning power, Bronze Wool works much faster on those stubborn stains than just using the water fed pole alone.  Bronze Wool can make you more efficient by speeding up the cleaning process and reducing time spent on each job.
  • Useful for restoring window frames and sills to white.
  • Bronze Wool pads are easy to maintain and can easily be cleaned by rinsing with soapy water after each job.
  • Bronze Wool can be used for tough cleaning jobs in the home such as removing lime scale from glass shower doors.

So, if you haven’t tried using Bronze Wool yet, what are you waiting for?

To see videos of Bronze Wool in use, please visit our YouTube channel by clicking on the link below.