Not a week goes by without me using the bronze wool for a window cleaning job and I have come to rely on it to help with those extra dirty windows or conservatories. So, this got me thinking; what else can I use it for? I want to share with you these five additional cleaning jobs that bronze wool comes in handy for.
  1. Ceramic Tiles – I have stone effect tiles at home and while they look great, they don’t have a smooth surface which means dirt can build up in the crevices and isn’t always removed by just cleaning with a mop. Used in conjunction with a cream cleaner (my ‘go to’ for this is The Pink Stuff), bronze wool can help to give the tiles a deep clean without needing to spend ages scrubbing away at them!
  2. Cookers and glass oven doors – A friend of mine recently acquired a second-hand cooker and asked me what the best way clean it would be. So, following my recent cleaning spree I recommended bronze wool and The Pink Stuff. He rang me the next day to express his surprise at how well it had worked.
  3. Mirrors – Every now and then when I would rather be watching TV or pottering about in the workshop, I get asked to break out the mop and squeegee to clean all the mirrors in the house. I have however, discovered that bronze wool can be used on its own without a detergent, to clean and polish all those mirrors and even the shower screen. This means I can get that job done in double quick time and get back to my lazy Sunday.
  4. Car windscreens – both inside and outside. – Bronze wool makes quick work of removing the dirt and grime build-up from daily use and also any squished bugs. I use it on the inside of the windscreen too. Have you ever noticed the smoky-looking film that can build up and make it difficult to see when the sun hits it at the wrong angle? I find a quick wipe over with a nice clean, dry piece of bronze wool removes it quickly without leaving streaks, giving the glass a polished finish.
  5. Barbecues, grills and baking trays – The 0000 grade bronze wool is non-scratch so it is gentle on these surfaces but tough on the stains. You don’t even need a large piece of bronze wool, you can simply cut the 6×9 pads or use our mini bronze wool pads.
Do you have any top tips you can share with us? Tweet us your thoughts @DAComponents. Happy cleaning folks and don’t forget – always carry out a test patch first!.