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This innovative product from Tucker allows you to clean those hardest to reach windows – such as a conservatory roof or solar panels – with ease and unmatched precision.

The Alpha Scrubber’s unique, pioneering design uses a thick and durable white scrubbing pad to maximise scrubbing power and pull dirt away from the surface.

It makes it the ultimate commercial grade tool to tackle grubby glass in need of a heavy clean due to caked-on, dried dirt and grime.

The tool is equipped with an Over the Top Rinse Bar, that allows water to cascade down onto your glass and coat the window before The Alpha Scrubber’s sleek, swivelling gooseneck design allows you to glide over and instantly blitz any previously hard to reach dirt and stains.

That swivelling design also means you can reach those awkward, hard-to-scrub spots without moving from your position – making the whole process easy as well as satisfying.

In our opinion this is the ideal instrument to clean:

  • Solar panels that may not have been cleaned for years
  • Conservatory roofs
  • Commercial jobs with large glass surfaces
  • Velux windows and skylights
  • Glass balconies

Brush may come in red or black depending on availability.

The Alpha Scrubber comes complete with ten white scrub pads that have been custom made for this exciting product, while replacement ten packs are also available to order.

Alternatively, we also stock Custom Walnut Pads in packs of five for both the standard and XL Alpha Scrubber, and it can also be combined with our Stainless Steel Pad Holder – the perfect pad to deal with conservatory roofs or solar panels that are caked in lichen.

Two sizes available

  • Standard - 26cm x 5cm (10"x2) - weight approx 305g
  • XL - 40cm x 5cm (16"x2") - weight approx 401g

To watch the Tucker Alpha Scrubber in action, click here.


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