Guide to buying a controller

Step 1

Check the amp rating on your pump to ensure it does not exceed the max amp rating on your chosen controller.


Step 2

Check to see if your pump has a pressure switch fitted.


Step 3

Ensure you have the correct size fuse and fit it as close to the battery as possible. 

Controller Max amp rating Does pump need to have a pressure switch fitted? Recommended fuse size
ABC 12 volt controller 8 Yes 7.5
ABC 2 – 12 volt controller 8 No, can be used with or without a pressure switch 7.5
DA V16 12 volt controller 15 Yes 10
DA High Current 12 volt controller 30 Yes 20


Top tips

Consider where the controller will be mounted. The enclosures are resistant to the odd splash of water but not completely waterproof, it is therefore advisable to avoid installing the controller underneath reels or tank outlets where water can drip onto the controller frequently. Or, if doing so ensure the controller is covered in some way. If installing onto a trolley system, the controller will need to be protected from the elements.



All our controllers come with wires and connectors fitted, we recommend using bullet connectors to connect the controller to the pump and battery. Ensure all the connections are secure, demo in this short video:

Fit the fuse last and ensure this is fitted before switching everything on.