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The nozzles in the DA Applicator can be changed to suit the job you are working on. If you already have the DA Applicator you can purchase additional nozzles which can easily be fitted using a 14mm spanner or socket.

Choose from:-

  • Plastic fan jet/nozzle (yellow) – Orifice size 5 with a 25 degree spray pattern. Suitable for applying chemicals such as Viro-sol, traffic film remover (TFR) and Ubik 2000
  • Plastic full cone nozzle (purple ref No 6.5) – Orifice size is 2.4mm with a 50 degree spray pattern
  • Plastic full cone nozzle (dark green ref No 10) – Orifice size is 2.8mm with a 70 degree spray pattern

    The number refers to the size of the orifice on the nozzle, the smaller the number the smaller the orifice. It is often described like putting your finger over the end of a garden hose, reducing the size of the orifice will make the liquid come out with more pressure and speed and spray further but the flow rate will be reduced

    Both the fan jet and purple full cone nozzles will work with a back pack

    The full cone dark green ref No 10 nozzle will need a pump 5.3 litres per minute or above to work properly

    Please note the colour of the fan jet nozzle has recently changed from lime green to yellow

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