Set of Glass Cleaning/Scrubbing Pads

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This set of scrubbing pads offers a fantastic range of materials for cleaning different types of stubborn dirt from glass.  These can be used for traditional window cleaning and low level work but can also be used with the DA Pad Holder and fitted to your water fed pole.

The scrubbing kit comes with a strip of industrial, exterior quality Velcro which will allow you to attach the scrub pads to your DA Pad Holder.

Please note the DA Pad Holder is not included in this set.

The kit contains the following scrub pads:-

x1 white sponge eraser – A firm favourite amongst window cleaners, simply moisten and squeeze out any excess water.  Gently rub the eraser over the mark to be removed.  These are great for builders cleans and removing silicone.

x1 non abrasive white pad – Another go to favourite, a mild abrasive for gentle yet thorough cleaning.

x1 Microfibre pad – Probably one of the most common cleaning materials, great at grabbing dirt.  These are ideal for spraying on some pure water and cleaning internal windows in show rooms etc.

x1 Green scourer – We have found this to be great on tiled floors and even helped remove some emulsion which had been spilt.

x1 Blue Metal (steel wool in Polyester) – Good for removing hard water stains.

x2 Steel Wool – These are very aggressive scrubbing pads and are designed for removing the most stubborn baked on marks

x2 Bronze Wool – These are a different grade to our normal Bronze Wool Polishing Pads and like the Steel Wool they are a more aggressive scrubbing pad for the toughest jobs on glass.

These scrub pads are designed for professional use on glass and we rely on your knowledge and professionalism to test each glass surface before use.  The scrub pads will not scratch glass but be careful not to pick up debris in the pad as debris can scratch glass.  Not suitable for use on certain treated surfaces such as self cleaning glass and non glass surfaces such as polycarbonate conservatory roofs and UPVC.

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